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Hello this is tony williams i'm interested in studying japanese from nacos i would like to make an appointment for 3rd or 4th of jan if possible. Thank you

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Transferring jobs

Now I’m looking for new work. I’ve interviewed with several companies. I’m interested in restaurant positions such as manager or waiter, but overall it’s not satisfying in the area i’m at in my restaurant.

The reason why is the salary is not enough where i work and i’ve studied Japanese yet, there is not very much opportunity for me to use it. After I graduated highschool I began to work then started attending college, while still working full-time. My parents don’t support me financially and I don’t expect them too. My family is very indepentant of each other. This sort of thing isn’t so usually in America, it’s actually normal in a lot of cases. It might be safe to say that making it on your own is part of American culture. However in Japan’s case it doesn’t seem to be like this. This is a big difference between the two cultures i think. Continue reading

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New Student Maybe

Hello my name is tony williams i am writing you because i have a few
questions. My first question is how much are your classes? What times are
your classes? Do you have classes that start in the evening. I'm a Marine
so i need classes that are in the evening or on the weekends so that i can
attend and learn japanese. Also, can you tell me what but will get me to
your location. I want to start going to your classes on jan.1 Ok thank you
bye, tony

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■2003/12/19 (金)



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Sweet Tooth




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My sister is an artiste!

Parents are really hard to buy presents for… I think only grandparents top them in toughness-of-gift-buying.

Since we couldn’t think of anything to buy for my parents’ anniversary present, my sister and I decided to paint plates for them. We went to a specialty store near Waikiki called Fire It Up, and at that store, you buy unpainted bisqueware and paint it right there.  The store provides the paint, and they bake it for you.  Continue reading

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The baby cradle for Japanese people

It has become cold. It is December, so that’s only natural, right? This year, even in Japan, it has been warm during the day until just recently. Today, as usual, I will write about how I feel about things.

The baby cradle for Japanese people is the inside of trains. In the city, it is always brisk and busy everywhere: people coming and going on the streets, at the supermarket registers, waitresses in the restaurants. People don’t make smalltalk.

Where are you all going in such a rush? For what reason? Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder about this. It may be because of my easygoing attitude, but it seems to me that the word, "leisure*" is disappearing from our vocabulary.

In the country, there are places where streetcars run leisurely along, though. Anyhow, inside the trains, the young and the old alike sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Fortunately for people who are sitting, the cushions are comfortable; they are warm and, in the winter, they feel especially good. It seems like this is our only quiet place. I, too, often doze off for an our in spite of myself. Continue reading

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