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■2004/08/31 (火)




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The piano and I

I started playing the piano when I was six years old. Because of that, I thought I would pursue music as a career from the time I was little. In order to have many opportunities to realize my goal, I participated in competitions many times. However, when I was a sophomore in high school, my mother said to me, "Wouldn’t it be better if you changed your chosen path?" When she said that, I didn’t know what to do. When my mother saw this, she went on to say, "Your engine won’t start, huh. Well, it won’t do to go and force yourself." Around the same time, my piano teacher told me, "You need to increase the amount of time you spend practicing the piano." However, I didn’t want to cut back on my studies. I was checking to see if there were any music-related jobs besides being a music or piano teacher. Continue reading

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My mother and I

According to my mother, when I go out in public, I am a proper young woman, but at home I am irresponsible. However, this is because my mother is too proper, and I think I shouldn’t be too hasty. When I am thinking seriously about something, to my mother’s eyes, it must look as if I’m not doing anything. Continue reading

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Memories of Chiba

When I was a child, I lived in Chiba. In recent years, there isn’t much greenery, but we would play in the mud every day and come home in the evening. At that time, my mother wasn’t very strict. I would always tag along with my older brother and go out and play. During summer vacation, we had fun going into the irrigation channels clogged with sludge and digging holes and pulling out crayfish. Those were the best times. I did this until I was nine years old and in the third grade
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I love animals.

We have a beagle named Fan at our house. Our house is a dog-centered house. She heals the souls of my family members. When we arrived at Honolulu International Airport, a beagle was checking the luggage. I had imagined that guard dogs would be big, powerful dogs, so I was very surprised.
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About my close friend who passed away

My close friend from elementary school passed away due to illness when we were juniors in high school. The illness was an inflamed lymph node. At that time, I wondered, "When the body is gone, what happens? Where does the spirit go?" His time of death drew near right before my eyes and, when even just standing was difficult, he would try to stand and walk on his own two feet. The image of my close friend trying to live like a human being to the very end is burned into my mind. Continue reading

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2004年 晩夏の情景

ハワイに来た初日 (8月30日月曜日)

 私はマクドナルドでお昼ごはんを買いました。店員の、あまりに早い英語に買う前からビビッた私は、”set or TANPIN?”  という日本語にかじりついて、” たんぴん!”と答え、結局、ハンバーガーしか買えなかったのでした。 その時の私は、中学校で習った、お店でのやりとりの会話表現を一生懸命思い出していました。

時差ボケ (Jetlag) 対策を兼ねて、地元のスーパーマーケットを、いろいろ見て回りました。危機管理の第一歩!


 でも、ウィンターさんやアリソンさんと長い時間話して、そんな事考えるより、相手にどうにかして自分の言いたい事を伝える方が先だ、ということに気付きました。そう思うと気が楽になって、普段の私のように、楽しくおしゃべりできるようになりました。そしたら、相手もいろいろなことを話してくれるようになりました。自分が楽しんでおしゃべりしなきゃ、相手も楽しくないんだな、と思いました。 Continue reading

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