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CottonSwabs & Rolling Pins

On making cookies for the college festival. Somebody said, “We are making cookies, so can someone who has menbou please bring it.” So, even though I had already used half of them, I brought my cotton swabs (menbou). When I … Continue reading

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 何月だったか忘れたが、マノアの友人の家でパーティーをした時のことだ。ジャングルのように南国の木々が生い茂った庭で、私たちは食事をしておしゃべりをしていた。夕方になり、そこに雨がザーッときた。 Continue reading

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butter mochi recipe

butter mochi recipe

4 cups mochiko
3 cups sugar
3 tsp baking powder
4 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
4 cups milk
1 block butter, melted

Combine all ingredients and pour into a greased 13 by 9 inch baking pan.
Bake at 350 degrees F for one hour. Continue reading

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■2002/11/24 (日)


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Eh Kanojo?, Kanjo?

When I first began speaking Japanese at my restuarant. I would mess up many times and say words wrong. For example one time I had a table with Japanese people and I thought it would be cool if I aksed them if they wanted their check in Japanese. "Would you like KANOJO," I asked. They looked at me funny and said, "Eh, Nani?" "Would you like KANOJO,"  I asked again.They were really confused and I was getting a little emabarrassed. So, I decided to just say, "Would you like the check." "Oh cheku!" they said. "You mean KANJO, you were asking us if we wanted your girlfriend!" they explained.My face turned bright red and we all began laughing together.

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Hayashi Rice

I joined the "Harmony Circle", which is a choral group in college. This is a group of people who enjoy singing even if they are not good at it. We gather together as a family and sing. The other day, our college had a festival and allowed us a vending space to sell our product. Guess what kind of vender we have? We have "Hayashi Rice" which is unique. It is a challenge to put together something very unusual. Yes, it is true, but the real reason is that he is here,,,,, a man who is into "Hayashi Rice" who dedicated his life to making his most tastiest one!  Am I exaggerating? No. A man whose nickname is  " Arisan".

He is very particuler in what he uses and that’s why he is great. He does research before he purchases his ingredients and he experimented 5 times before coming up with the most tastiest "Hayashi Rice". We have tasted this rice many times before the festival. we were happy to taste the rice because it was very good. Continue reading

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■2002/11/21 (木)







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