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My next adventure came up: moving to Hawaii.

Another opportunity had arrived. My friend was living in Honolulu. His roommate was moving out. He needed a new roommate. I said I just returned from Spain and was broke. Then, a few good things happened. Someone called me and said that they had a extra ticket to Hawaii if I wanted to go. I said alright. Now, all I needed was money for rent. Luckily, I got my tax money back for working the previous summer. It was enough to fund my trip and first month’s rent. So, here I am in Hawaii. I’ve been here for almost 9 months  The opportunity that now sits before me is the chance to learn Japanese. I’ve saved up a bit of it of money again and enrolled in a school near my house. What a coincidence. It is funny how life seems to put you in the places you need to be. For me, that’s in Hawaii, learning Japanese right now. Who knows what my next journey will be after this. Continue reading

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Life after my high school

After high school, I began working full-time for a construction company. I was quite lucky to get the job right out of high school, since the pay was $26.50 an hour. I worked all summer. It was great. It provided me the opportunity to save up for my trip to Spain. After we finished the job, I left the company and Washington behind. I moved to Spain by myself and began to learn Spanish since I didn’t speak any. Three months later, after many adventures and frustrations, I spoke pretty good Spanish, but had just about run out of money. So, I headed back to Washington where I stayed for a couple of weeks before my next adventure came up: moving to Hawaii.
Kookoo o sotsugyoo-shite, kensetsu-gaisha no shigoto ni tsukimashita. Jikyuu wa 26 (nijuu roku) doru 50 sento (gojussento) de, kookoo o sotsugyoo-shite sugu ni sonna shigoto ni tsuketa no wa kanari kooun datta to omoimasu.  Kensetsu-gaisha de sono natsu wa zutto hatarakimashita.  Totemo yokatta desu.  Sono shigoto no okage de, Supein ni iku tame no hiyoo o tameru koto ga dekimashita.  Sono shigoto ga owatta node, kaisha o yamemashita.  Washinton o dete, Supein ni hitori de iku koto ni shimashita. Supein de wa, Supein-go ga mattaku wakaranakatta node, Supein-go no benkyoo o hajimemashita.  3 (san) kagetsu go, iroiro na keiken, soshite furasutoreeshon no sue, Supein-go ga kanari hanaseru yoo ni narimashita. Shikashi, okane ga hotondo nakunatte shimatta node, Washinton ni kaeru koto ni narimashita.  Washinton de 2,3 (ni san) shuukan o sugoshi, tsugi no booken, Hawai ni iku koto ni shimashita. Continue reading

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Music and Investment club

In 5th grade, I began to play an instrument, the violin. It was such a difficult instrument at first, but, after years of practice, it became so fun. In high school, my orchestra consisted of 50 players. We were quite good, would travel and perform at places like Disneyland and Victoria, B.C., taking first place on many occasions. I enjoy music and would like to play again. Yet, I haven’t touched the violin in over two years.
 Another area in high school I was interested in was Investment Club. I was the Vice President and took great interest in how money in the stock market worked. In the club, we’d practice buying, selling and analyzing stocks. On certain occasions, we’d have field trips to financial institutions.

5 (go) nen-sei no toki ni, baiorin o hajimemashita.  Hajime wa totemo muzukashi-katta no desu ga, suu nenkan renshuu o tsuzukete iru uchi ni, totemo tanoshiku narimashita.  Kookoo de wa, 50 (gojuu) nin de koosei-sarete iru ookesutora ni shozoku-shimashita.  Kanari ii ookesutora datta node, Dizuniirando ya Kanada no Buritisshu Koronbia shuu no Bikutoria de Ensoo o shi, yoku 1 (ichi) i  ni erabaremashita.  Watashi wa ongaku ga suki desu. Zehi moo ichido ensoo o shi-tai to omotte imasu.  Desuga, moo 2 (ni) nen ijoo mo baiorin ni sawatte imasen. Continue reading

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 にほんご の たび
きょう から にほんご、また、にほんぶんか について まなびたい と おもいます。
おおいに たのしみます。
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