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Since joining the military I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travel.  I’ve been to Gaum, Japan, Okinawa (yes I know that’s Japan, but it’s not really "Japan"), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea.  I’ve also done a lot of domestic travel as well.  As a matter of fact there was one year I spent over 230 days traveling (that’s not including vacations).  Spending that much time on the road isn’t for everyone and my family and friends often ask me how I do it.  But honestly, traveling has become such a part of my life that I don’t understand how people are content staying in one place.  

Currently I’m attending school, so I’ve only been able to spend about a week traveling this year.  And to tell you the truth I’m beginning to get more than a little restless.  I think it will take a 12 hour plane ride, a ride on a bullet train, a 20 minute wait in a line for a rental car, an oppurtunity to try and explain to customs agent  who doesn’t speak a word of English what an oscilloscope is, a chance to realize I’m completely lost, or to spend the first 30 seconds after I wake up trying to remember where I am before I’ll feel at ease again.  Unfortunately, however it’ll be five more months until I get to do any of the above.  So I guess the only option I’m left with is hard liquor. 

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 初めての出張(仕事の旅行)で、私は、今、Washington D.C.にいます。 明日、トレーニングが始まります。 私は、普段、しわのシャツを着ますが、今晩、仕事用のシャツをアイロンしました。 大人になった感じがします! でも、そでをアイロンをすることが出来ませんでした。 >_<
I’m in Washington D.C. — it’s my first business trip!  Our training classes start tomorrow. Tonight, I ironed my shirts; usually I just go to work wrinkly. I feel so grown-up!  Oh, but I couldn’t really iron my sleeves.  😀

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Burning in Hawaii

Today had to be one ofthe ottest days ive ever been thorugh. yesterday, it was pouring cats and dogs, but today it mustve been over 90 degrees! Its really burning in Oahu! Continue reading

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Music is now one of my favorite things, especially now that the weeks are so boring. It helps me work, and soothes me to sleep at night. How could you live without music? Rock is my favorite kind. Continue reading

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午後から徐々に人通りが増える。 Continue reading

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Michiko asked me to write a little about Maui so….

Although the land mass of the island of Maui is larger than O’ahu, there are only approximately 110,000 people who live here.  Most of the local residents are either related to each other or know each other.  I can rarely go anywhere without running into familiar people.  In the 4 years that I’ve lived here, there are already so many changes.  There are many new housing developments.  Most average homes cost approximately $600,000…basic 3 Bdr, 2 bath.  Gas prices are $3.52 for regular unleaded.   A few other interesting facts are:  Wal-Mart closes at 11:00 p.m.  and Kinko’s closes at 10 p.m. on weekdays, 9 p.m. on Saturdays and 6 p.m. on Sundays. Can you imagine that?  Still, it is a beautiful island and not nearly as congested as O’ahu!  Many people are bypassing O’ahu and spending time on Maui instead…especially with the current condition of the beaches. 

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It’s too late to think of a title…

For the last week I’ve logged in, looked at a blank "new blog entry" page for 15 minutes then just end up logging off.  So today I’m actually going to write something.  Wait I just did!  Sweet. See you next week.

先週は、ログインしてから ニューブログエントリーページの 空白を15分間、見ていました。それから、結局、ログアウトしました。それで、今日は、何か書く積りでした。
ちょっと待てよ、もう書いたよ! ヤレヤレ。。。  では また来週。
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