Since joining the military I’ve been fortunate enough to do a lot of travel.  I’ve been to Gaum, Japan, Okinawa (yes I know that’s Japan, but it’s not really "Japan"), Hong Kong, Malaysia, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, and the Republic of Korea.  I’ve also done a lot of domestic travel as well.  As a matter of fact there was one year I spent over 230 days traveling (that’s not including vacations).  Spending that much time on the road isn’t for everyone and my family and friends often ask me how I do it.  But honestly, traveling has become such a part of my life that I don’t understand how people are content staying in one place.  

Currently I’m attending school, so I’ve only been able to spend about a week traveling this year.  And to tell you the truth I’m beginning to get more than a little restless.  I think it will take a 12 hour plane ride, a ride on a bullet train, a 20 minute wait in a line for a rental car, an oppurtunity to try and explain to customs agent  who doesn’t speak a word of English what an oscilloscope is, a chance to realize I’m completely lost, or to spend the first 30 seconds after I wake up trying to remember where I am before I’ll feel at ease again.  Unfortunately, however it’ll be five more months until I get to do any of the above.  So I guess the only option I’m left with is hard liquor. 

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