The piano and I

I started playing the piano when I was six years old. Because of that, I thought I would pursue music as a career from the time I was little. In order to have many opportunities to realize my goal, I participated in competitions many times. However, when I was a sophomore in high school, my mother said to me, "Wouldn’t it be better if you changed your chosen path?" When she said that, I didn’t know what to do. When my mother saw this, she went on to say, "Your engine won’t start, huh. Well, it won’t do to go and force yourself." Around the same time, my piano teacher told me, "You need to increase the amount of time you spend practicing the piano." However, I didn’t want to cut back on my studies. I was checking to see if there were any music-related jobs besides being a music or piano teacher. And so, I discovered that there was such a field as music therapy. In May of my junior year of high school, I made a decision. I decided to become a speech therapist. Now, I think that is what I am best suited for. And also, my mother is strict, but she is the person who understands me the best.

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