Haiku Poem


かれは ちる えだ に あかい み ぶたいげき

leaves have fallen
red fruits grow on branches
a stage drama

Michiko-san has been writing better and better haiku, and it seems she’s even managed to get the hang of writing them in English! I played no part in translating the above. Also, I think it fully embodies the essence of haiku. It’s concrete rather than abstract. It effectively portrays the feeling of a single moment without having to go into detail. It includes juxtaposition between disparate elements. Usually, there are two elements in a haiku, but in this case Michiko-san has employed what I will refer to as “three-fold juxtaposition”, in which each line has a separate element. This has created a very dynamic feeling that is very much in line with the autumnal changes that she is expressing in her poetry.

<img alt

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