In today’s world people live to survive. As we get older medicine becomes more and more important to our survival. At the onset of a headache we reach for a pill. When we want to lose weight we turn to a pill or a powder. When faced with a potential disease we turn to a pill. Now-a-days we will pop a pill for just about anything hoping for positive results. Even though we are finding that pills, even supplements, can cause further problems in our bodies.

It’s interesting how we get prescriptions for drugs that are advertised that come with side effects such as, inflammation, high blood pressure, bleeding, coma and even death. Some pills we take have to be counteracted with other pills because they cause a disease to take another turn effecting our bodies in a different way. What’s even more interesting is that we can eat and drink things that are grown out of the ground that will actually lessen disease and in some cases relieve us of them.

Take the pill or don’t take the pill? Something to think about.

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