Another apheresis story

I have written one story about how I give blood platelets but I thought I would write another one about the actual process. When I first arrive I have to fill out a simple form that asks questions about how I am feeling and if I have been sick within the last day or so. After that is done I have my temperature, blood pressure and a sample of blood taken. A very easy procedure.
After all that is done I go to the area where the procedure is done. I have my own television and I also have the option of watching DVD’s. The couch is very comfortable and it is actually very hard not to fall asleep! The disinfects the area where the needle will go in and then brings out a pretty large, shiny and very sharp needle. There is just a few seconds of pain as she puts it in and after that it isn’t painful but I always can feel it there. The whole procedure usually lasts about 75minutes and I am always happy to know that my donation will go within a few hours to either a baby or pregnant woman. After I am all done there are free Manapuas, a kind of dumpling, and all kinds of cookies and snacks as it is best to eat sweet things. I am able to donate every 2 weeks and as I have mentioned that even though there is some pain it is nice to know that I get to help somebody out.

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