Hello from Nepal

This week our wild trip in Nepal is coming to a close. It is with both regret and relief that I return home. This is a surely a place that everyone interested in Eastern things, amazing mountain terrain/ nature lovers, joyous people and the finest handicrafts in the world, must come and see.

I love Nepal and one trip is never enough! Kathmandu, the capital is like a medieval maze buzzing with merchants selling what ever you are looking for, rickshaw (bicycle taxis) traffic and noise of beeping horns, village people working with agriculture and city people, men, arm in arm (as a sign of friendship), animals crossing the streets, holding up traffic, and all sorts of colors, and temples with holy sites on every street corner!

I am going shopping now, Nepal is a must for anyone who loves clothes, jewelery or beautiful hand made things.

The food , restaurants and service is another thing again! I will check in more about this next time.

“Namaste” from Nepal

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