Joy of Walking

Walking here
Getting there
One can share

Walk somewhere, get somewhere
In my mind and in my heart
Great enjoyment from everywhere.

Sunday morning, I woke up at 3:00am and found that I had a text from my daughter saying she had left some Shabu Shabu at my mom’s house. Unfortunately for me the car I use was also at my mom’s and I was car less. I really wanted the food so I decided that the best time to do a long walk was before the sun came up, while it was still cool. I left my house near Ala Moana Center at 4 am, wearing rubber slippers being light weight and in case of rain(according to the weatherman periodic rain showers) they are better than wet shoes, and an emptied handbag( I took out all the heavy stuff extra keys,papers, credit cards and etc). It took 1½ hrs to get there in Kaimuki which is near the back side of Diamond Head. So at 5:30am, I quickly grabbed my package from the outside refrigerator and rushed off trying to beat the rising sun before it began to get too hot and humid. I got home at 7:00am. Hopped into the shower because I had gotten wet from the rain and perspiration. It’s also a good thing to do to prevent catching a cold. Good things that happened on this hike were, that there was a bathroom just when I needed one at Zippy’s Restaurant, bus shelters where I could sit and wait till it stopped raining, and a nice mango to eat, freshly fallen just near the end of my walk.

Luckily my Aunt wanted to go to the movies to see “OZ”, because I had a Routine dance practice at 6:00pm downtown near Queen’s Hospital and she agreed to drop me off after the movie, saving me a walk there. But I had to walk home when we finished at 8:30pm. Now it was raining harder so one of my friends let me borrow an umbrella. This was a shorter walk, only 1hour but the trick is walking a safe route to avoid the many homeless, scary looking individuals, and night club drunks on the way home. So I stayed on the streets that had cars whizzing by and busy with people walking home from Safeway and Walmart. Again with the shower as soon as I got home cause I had gotten wet even with the umbrella
4 hours of walking in 1 day is quite a feat for one who drives 30 miles average per day. I learned the neighborhood better, instead of zipping by at 35 miles per hour. Looking at the trees, houses, flowers and the rest made me think of a lot of things, my mind seemed to clean out completely by observing what was around me.


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