Letter from Sakai City

At the beginning of March, I’m returning to Miyazaki. At the moment I’m preparing to move. When Japanese people move, they check out a bunch of different moving companies. I decided I would look at four. When I was making the appointments, I started off by saying that I was contacting a whole bunch of different companies, and they made the prices cheaper for me. The salesmen will to whatever it takes to get customers, like frantically punching calculators and calling their bosses to lower the price. One company even gave me a kilogram of shinmai, which is rice harvested less than a year ago. Given that rice is such an unusual, but genuinely useful gift, especially for Japanese people, I was surprised. However, I regrettably went with a different company.

When I chose my moving company, I had three things in mind. First, whether or not they were able to safely move my things. Second, the price, and finally their attitude towards the customer. By this I mean their etiquette, friendliness, responsiveness to my questions, the level of training of the mover, and so on.

P.S.: I’m planning to eat the shinmai together with some natto for a delicious meal.

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