Accredited Massage Training

I am exploring the options of having our Massage School become Accredited. At first it really  seemed like so much work. But if I have determination and focus and faith and I go step by step I am now realizing that it is achievable. Nonetheless it is certainly a mission. Accreditation allows all the students who do our classes to say that they did training with an Accredited school so that the training is standardized and has government approval. While this on one hand is a very good thing on the other hand because Massage is not regulated (no license required) in Australia, UK and Japan and NZ and many other countries there is really no advantage for a graduate as long as they are trained to do professional massage. Because no matter what once they graduate whether the school is Accredited or not they can legally practice as a professional Massage Therapist . But because a lot of people feel safer with training that is standardized (Accredited) I am going to pursue it.

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