Controlled chaos

Last week, I traveled from Nebraska to Fukuoka Japan and back, passing 9 airports altogether. I found that most of these airports were pretty agreeable, but LA airport was something else.

First, they let you walk a very long distance from the international terminal to the domestic one.You don’t have to worry that you missed the day’s exercise because of long flight home. But, that’s just the beginning. When you go through the security checkpoint, you may think you are in some kind of festivals. A CROWD ! (Remember? I live in Nebraska). Then, you proceed to the waiting area. More people.You can hardly pass each other. There was an announcement that planes were delayed due to thick fog. But, judging from people’s behavior, this congestion seemed nothing special but daily occurrence.

When I finally got on board a flight to Phoenix which was 45 minutes late, I thought that they had to do something to reduce the congestion. But, then I realized that despite of the congestion, nobody started fights, everybody left for each destination, and I myself was on route to my destination. I think that controlled chaos is the word to express what’s going on LA airport.

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