An offhand letter about everyday things

The busy days continue during my internship as the psychiatric nurse

How are you all? I am interning as a psychiatric nurse. It is different from the internships I’ve had up till now. Communicating with the patients is difficult. However, I am doing my best at using my head and being more aware of what’s going on. When my internship period is over, I want to look back on everything about this psychiatric nursing internship and collect my thoughts. That’s all for now.

みなさん、お元気ですか? 私は、今、精神科で看護実習を受けています。今までの実習と違い、患者さんとのコミュニケーションには難しいものがあります。でも、私なりに頭を使い頑張っています。実習に一区切りがつけば、今回の精神看護実習全体を振り返り、私の考え方をまとめてみたいと思っています。それでは、この辺で・・・。

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