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     Since I lived in Osaka and with an Osaka Family. I began to learn Kansai Ben. This came naturally to me and everyday I would learn new words. I had been studying Tokyo Ben for the last 2 years and knew the polite responses, but I got a laugh out of speaking Kansai Ben. A lot of other people laughed when I spoke as well. After about a month I began to get really good and would hang out at my Host parents business. They owned a dry cleaning business in Senrioka. I would sit at the front desk sometimes with my host father and talk in english and Japanese, but he always got a laugh when someone walked into his business to drop off their clothes. I would be sitting there quietly with my blue eyes, light skin and head full blond hair. They weren’t sure how to react to me, so I always broke the ice  by saying, "Mo kari maka?"  Then they would respond by saying "Bochi bochi den na!!" and we would all start laughing to together. Then I would say "Nandeyanen" and they would just look at me in shock and start laughing all over again.




 そこでいつも、「もうかりまっか?」 と言ってその場を和やかに雰囲気にしたのです。すると彼らは、「ぼちぼちでんな!!」 と答えて、私達はみんないっしょに笑い始めました。そこで私は「なんでやねん」 と言うと、みんなびっくりした顔で私を見て、そしてまたみんな大笑いするのでした。

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