National Aquarium

I’ve always heard great things about the Baltimore National Aquarium. However, the admission price is expensive, so when we had decide a few months back to visit an aquarium, we went to the D.C. National Aquarium because it’s cheaper. It’s also small. It took us bout 30 minutes to get through all the exhibits. This weekend we finally decided to checkout the Baltimore National Aquarium. Now I understand why the price for the Baltimore National Aquarium is much higher.

First of all the place is really well presented. It’s about four stories high. The entrance is on the first level. There is not much else on the first level except a small aquarium, some restrooms and restaurant. The second and third levels have exhibits of various fishes and other sea creatures. There are also some great views of Baltimore’s inner harbor from the second and third levels. The fourth level has a rain forest. There were a few frogs, birds, and monkeys to see.

There is also a separate building which houses a dolphin exhibit where you can watch a short, but interesting, dolphin show. Aleria loved the dolphins. She laughed and clapped each time a dolphin jumped out of the water. We sat in the front row, and got splashed with water by the dolphin’s tail. For me, the best part was the huge aquarium that runs three stories high. It was gorgeous. Everything at the Baltimore National Aquarium is well taken care of. I’d go again given the chance.






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