Birthday Party

Aleria was invited to her first birthday party a few weeks ago. Another mom saw me at an office function and asked if we wanted to go to her daughter’s first birthday party. I had not planned to go initially. Aleria and I were already planning to go to another co-workers house for breakfast that same day. As I thought about it a little more, however, I figured we could do both. We could go to my co-worker’s house for breakfast then go to the birthday party afterwards. Andrew would be happy because he would get the entire house to himself. He would have peace and quiet to work on his school project. I also thought if we went to the party, Aleria could meet some new friends.

That Saturday, I made oatmeal for the breakfast at my co-workers house. Aleria and I stopped by the store to buy a birthday present on the way there. We ended up arriving late for the breakfast. Everyone had already eaten so no one ate my oatmeal. We still ate something but only stayed for a little while. We said thank you and headed to the birthday party. We stayed longer at the birthday party. They had food there too, so we ate some more. Aleria had fun playing and watching the other kids. She even had cake and ice cream, which we only give her during special occasions. We left the birthday party when Aleria began to feel tired, so we thanked our hosts and headed home.

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