one haiku-poem

目は見ても 全部見てない 見ていない

め は みても ぜんぶ みてない みていない

見ていても 全部見てない 見ていない

みていても ぜんぶ みてない みていない

Even with open eyes
Brain does not see therefore
We don’t see!

When did our brain start to censure all the
things we actually see from day to day?
When did it decide that we didn’t need any of that?
So much so that we limit our day to day learning and seeing.
Open our eyes and E N J O Y more.


Perfect example:
My mother lost her glasses when she fell at Punchbowl Cemetery.
People around helped to look for it but couldn’t find it. So the next
day I went to help her find her glasses. Showing me exactly where
she had fallen and taking into account, the distance her glasses flew when she fell. We began to search through the shrubbery. All of a sudden I saw her glasses, but when I looked again, there was no glasses there. I knew I definitely saw it ( in my brain I could still picture it). I looked again and there it was sitting flat with glass down clear showing the shrubbery under it. That position made it hard to see the thin metal rims around the glasses. Here I was looking straight at it and not seeing it at all. But making my brain, instant replay, made me see something that was overlooked.


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