Grandma V.

For those of you that know the NACOS method, know the process. and what the purpose of our short stories are for. Those of you that do read, (thank you for reading) I am going to run a series about each of my grandparents, as they are all close to my heart. I’ll begin with my mother’s mother.  Nereida Vazquez.

Without a doubt the strongest memory that comes to mind is my 9th birthday. I was visiting San Francisco and staying at my Grandma’s house. The day before my birthday, she came into the room I was sleeping in, singing the happy birthday song and dancing around the room, holding my present in her hand. My Aunt was the one who originally bought the gift for me. And was upset that she had given it to me a day early. I don’t think Grandma was thinking about that. I think she just wanted to see me happy. :)…..Oh! What was the present? It was a Video Game for my Nintendo, Metal Gear.

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