My Shocking Experience

About 3 days after I arrived in Florianopolis, when my mom, my sister, and I were still staying in a hotel, I plugged in my Xbox 360 and my Gaems G155 (a portable xbox 360, tv, and case I got for my birthday). And I wasn’t aware that the voltage here in Southern Brazil is 220v instead of the 110v in Rio (same as in the U.S.), and once I turned my Xbox on, it ran for about a minute and then we heard a pop. I didn’t realize that it came from the Xbox until I noticed that it had turned off. So I tried to turn it back on but nothing happened, so next I picked up the power brick (part of the cable) and sure enough, it smelled like when you fire a cap gun. I was glad there was nothing wrong with the actual Xbox but then I had to buy replacements. A couple days later, we went to the center of Florianopolis and found out that we had to buy a ginormous transformer but they said that they could replace the fuse in the power brick instead of buying a whole new one, so we did that.
So now I am living happily again with my Xbox 360. But I think that the 220v thing is kind of stupid and I still don’t know why they have it like that, and they should have in at 110v because i’m pretty sure that 220v uses more power.

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2 Responses to My Shocking Experience

  1. JohnSmith says:

    actually it’s a wash in terms of power usage. Voltage = current (amperage) * resistance. If you assume that resistance remains constant in your power cord, then with a higher voltage you’ll have lower current present. The amount of total power used remains the same, it’s just presented to your device in a different way.

    It has been a very long time since I studied electricity in high school, so everyone feel free to correct or expand on my feeble attempt to explain Ohm’s law.


  2. GarrettMcDade says:

    Cool. I’ll remember that for whenever my school starts teaching us things about electricity.


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