Scary Old Pali Road

Back in the ’60s, driving on the Old Pali road was very dangerous and scary.  Now only portions of it still exists since they made the new Lookout and Tunnels below. When strong winds or bad weather persisted, many would avoid driving there, for fear of their car being tipped over or not being able to see the road.  You could lean into the wind at a 45 degree angle to the ground and not fall! But most of all, it is said to be true, that you can’t take raw pork over the old road for fear that the engine would die and your car will just stop. It just stops, all by itself and will not start up again, no matter how hard you try. You must throw the pork over the Pali cliffs as an offering to the dead spirits, before they will let you pass.

The Pali is a famous battle ground of King Kamehameha.  It’s where he defeated his conquering enemies by pushing them over the Pali Cliffs to their death. That is why, at night, it’s very scary to sit in your car, hear the howling wind, and imagine hearing voices, or tell each other about ghost stories while up there.  During the day, it all looks quite harmless, especially with all the hoards of people around.  But if you were up there alone or with just a friend it does give you chicken skin and you may get an erry feeling behind you.

These boys I knew in school, were drinking beer and got drunk up there one  weekend.  They were playing around and walking on the old stone wall cliffs. Showing how brave they were with the sheer drop of the cliff on the other side of the wall. Bragging, they could still walk straight and balance even if they were drunk and could barely see in the dark.  Then one of them slipped off and fell over. The rest ran to the spot and looked over the wall but it was pitch black, there were no lights there to see and they yelled to their friend, with no answer. Finally, they sat back down discussing what to do…… when up comes their friend climbing over the wall and dusting off the leaves and twigs saying, “ whoa, I almost died, lucky I fell on one branch or tree!”  Then they all started to laugh and kid each other about the ordeal, with  great relief, he was still alive!!

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