Bad Fall

I had a frightening situation occur this morning. I had just finished feeding my three-month infant daughter and was bringing her down the stairs. I was on the second to last step when suddenly I lost my footing and slipped. Bam! Down I went. My first thought was “Oh my gosh, I’m falling with the baby in my arms” then I thought “Oh my gosh please don’t let her get hurt.” My husband, who was upstairs, heard us. His heart stopped; he thought I had dropped the baby. Luckily I landed on my back so I absorbed all of the impact. She was atop of me the whole time and didn’t even get a scratch. She cried a little bit, but I think it was mostly because she was startled by the movement. It all happened so fast. I stood up with her in my arms and felt the pain jab into my back. It was excruciating for the first few seconds although it seemed like minutes. Once my husband came running down the stairs and grabbed the baby, I was free to roll around on the floor agonizing in pain. I was able to get up after a few minutes. It was painful, but I lived. Even now my lower back still hurts, but I’m glad to report walking is getting easier. My only concern was the baby, and she is doing just fine. The next couple of days will determine how I turn out.

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