A few weeks ago I went to visit the beautiful water falls over in Waimea botanical gardens.  The waterfalls is very enjoyable, but a surprising thing I really enjoyed on my trip over there was a peacock.  The peacock was a funny thing.  He seemed to notice everyone taking his picture and positioned himself in a perfect pose for us.  After a couple more pictures, we all went inside. Upon our exit of the botanical gardens I noticed the peacock, feathers extended and all.  At first I thought he was showing his colors for us again.  I realized he was doing it for the hens around him.  Apparently one had made him angry and he was showing his might in a beautiful display of colors.

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2 Responses to Peacock

  1. HirokoKiyohiro says:





  2. OliviaTrevino says:


    くじやくはおこっていました。 でも、きれいでした。



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