A whirlwind week

Last week was a crazy busy week. A cousin came to Hawaii for a week long vacation and we spent the entire time doing all kinds of activities. We went up to the North Shore to watch the beautiful waves. We spent a day at the Polynesian Culture Center watching the shows, cultural activities, and luau. We rented a cabin near the beach on the east side of the island and passed the afternoon swimming and sunning. We went to the west side of the island to enjoy delicious pineapple ice cream at the Dole Plantation and watch the sunset in Waianae. We headed to Waikiki to do some shopping. Everyday was an adventure and not one moment was spared. I realized I have missed out on a number of things while living here because life gets to be cycle of going to work and going home.  It’s great to take a break from the routine and enjoy yourself. I look forward to my next vacation.

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2 Responses to A whirlwind week

  1. YokoKelley says:

    You are right about that we tend to miss all the great things around us. When I went back to my hometown in Japan in 2008, I saw the ocean right off the town for the first time. I was really mortified by the experience.


  2. OliviaTrevino says:

    The last time I went home I realized how much I didn’t do in my own hometown. Now I’ve made it a habit to do at least one tourist-type activity every time I go home to visit my parents. It’s a fun way of rediscovering the area where I am from.


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