From time to time when I am at the beach I am always meeting people – probably because of my friendly nature 🙂 . Last week I met a Japanese couple from Okayama. They were here for a week trying to regain “energy” here in the islands, and they invited me to hang out with them later in the night. “Working in Japan can be very stressful…” , he mentioned to me as he comes to Hawaii “to make all his stress go away”. As we were talking, a Brazilian couple overheard us and joined our conversation since they were sitting next to us. It was nice that everyone was interested in each other’s cultures and exchanging their differences as well. The Brazilian couple was surpised to find out that some of Hawaii’s first immigrants were from Portugal. Also it turned out that one of the Japanese couple’s mother lived in Brazil for a short time. But anyway, for me, it’s always a joy to meet new people, especially people from different countries.

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