Anne from Massachusetts

All these pictures are still from Sandwich, MA.
Picture #1 is the Daniel Webster Inn. The Cape is full of these old quaint inns. This one has a beautiful conservatory room where you can have a delicious lobster bisque and lobster sandwich in a room that overlooks the garden and feels like you are in a greenhouse (minus the humidity).

Picture #2 is one of the many old churches that you find in New England. I love their simplicity, but their stateliness.

Picture #3 is the Dexter gristmill. This is where people would bring their grain to get ground. It still operates, but they only do it in the summertime. All these pictures are in the Sandwich center which means they are all very close to each other and were the center of the life back in the 1700’s. Walking around the town is like stepping back in time without having to wear the very uncomfortable clothing of that day. They also have a home called the Hoxie House that dates from the 1700’s. It is now a museum but it gives you insight into what life was like back then. It was a hard life! Sometimes I don’t think we realize how easy we have it today!

Picture #4 is a beautiful Blue Spruce tree right next to my house. Although we don’t get a lot of snow, when we do get it it can be gorgeous. This December we had several snow storms. Makes me think this winter may be a long one!!

Well, this gives you a brief glimpse into Cape Cod. The one thing I realized I haven’t taken pictures of is the beach. I will do that and get those also sent to you.


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