My Trip continued

Visiting mount Takaosan was pretty cool, but very tiring at the same time. Going there me and my girlfriend must have walked a total of five or six miles or so. Maybe less or more but it felt tiring since we were walking on an incline and had to sometimes climb stairs. When we were there there there was also a little monkey zoo and a temple. There were many attractions along the way until you get to the top. At the top of mountain you were rewarded with a beautiful view of the mountain greenery and most importantly the beautiful fall foliage (turning red because of the autumn season), koyo. Like any touristy area in Japan, there are also many omiyage store, restaurants, and food stands so you can never come unprepared for the walking adventure. Another cool feature of was the ski like lift that also makes the trek up the mountain easier. I believe there was also a cable car but we didn’t ride on that.

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