Film Festival

Last week Hawaii experienced their annual fall international film festival. Every year there are films that are produced from all over the world that can be seen during this week long film festival. I try to make it a point to see a couple of films – I tend to prefer to watch the Japanese movies since I am learning Japanese, but I will also watch the other films from the other countries too if they were critically praised. This year I caught Love and Honor – the Japanese title of this movie was Bushi no ichibun. I enjoyed it because it was a period samurai movie from a director who I have great admiration for, Yamada Yoji. There were a lot of people that went to see it because it was one of the movies that was up for an award. Also because there are a lot of nikkei living in Hawaii, a lot of them tend to like to watch Japanese movies. I guess it doesn’t hurt that Kimura Takuya (who is considered a hearttrob in Japan) also starred in the movie too.

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