Dr. Yoko Kelley のネブラスカ便り 7

Fields that were green just 2 or 3 weeks ago have turned yellow, announcing the ripening of corn. Area residents are relieved to know that crops are doing well, again, this year. Whether it will be bumper crop or not is an another matter. At first, when we moved here in 1997, we had only an impression of crops growing in expansive fields. But now, in our seventh year, we can tell corn from soybean just by looking at how the seeds are sown, late spring or early summer. There are six types of corn, including sweet corn for human consumption, and feed corn for cattle. We are very familiar with popcorn in association with the movie house. Even so, the sales of popcorn increased dramatically when microwave popcorn was introduced. A new relationship between television and microwave popcorn has emerged. The moisture content of each kernel is crucial for popability. Ideal moisture content is 16-20% at the time of harvest and 13-14.5% after the drying process, which manufacturers strive to perfect. Most of the world’s popcorn is grown in the nine Midwestern States, one of which is the State of Nebraska.





 トウモロコシ粒 (kernel) を熱っすると含まれている水分が膨張し、kernel がはじけてポップコーンの出来上がりとなるわけですが、この含水量の多少が上手くはじけるかどうかの決め手であり、収穫時に16-20%、その後の乾燥過程で13-14.5%になるのが理想とされていて、ポップコーン製造業者の腕の見せ場でもあります。




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