I’m very excited about learning Japanese.

… In high school, I participated in a lot of sports, including cross-country running, canoe paddling, and softball, not because I particularly wanted to be athletic, but because I thought that if I didn’t, I’d regret it when I was older. I was right – now I’m glad that I tried different things! I wasn’t so adventurous when I decided on the foreign language I would take to fulfill my high school requirement; since I already knew a little, I chose Japanese. The class was very fun, but we didn’t learn anything. Our teacher was a strange man, and he let us play cards and watch anime instead of giving us lessons. The one thing that I learned was how to spell ‘McDonalds’ in katakana.

Recently, I’ve been watching some programs on KIKU. My favorite so far
is Merry Christmas in Summer. Haru and Ryo were so cute together! I got a
little upset though, when Haru kept apologizing for things that I didn’t think she should apologize for.

I’m very excited about learning Japanese. I’ll finally understand what
the tourists are saying! Plus, when people in Waikiki mistake me for a
tourist, which has happened before, I might be able to play along a little.




  • 2002年4月29日  日本語学習開始。週2回、各1時間半
  • 2004年4月 から  月2回 各1時間半
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