Thanksgiving Turkey!

Last year was the first time I ever cooked a turkey. For myself, not being the most gifted cook, this was a monumental challenge. Most people say that it is not that difficult to cook since there is very little preparation needed. But somehow it turned into a disaster! For one thing the turkey was dry because I overcooked it, the stuffing inside the turkey was too salty because I added too much salt inside the turkey and it seeped into the stuffing. And somehow the turkey gravy (some say is one of the most important element) just didn’t taste right. This year I think I turned things around. This year I invested in a good meat thermometer – this helped me to properly gauge whether the turkey was properly cooked, and not overcooked. Thawing the turkey properly also ensured that the turkey cooked more evenly. I didn’t drench the turkey in salt and seasoning. I also prepared the stuffing separately instead of putting it into the turkey. And lastly I made sure that with the gravy that I continuously monitored and tasted it to make sure there was a proper balance of flour (for texture), margarine, turkey stock, and turkey fat. This year it was definitely edible!

2013 Thanksgiving Turkey

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