Jena from Kansas Feb 28, 2013

Blind Faith

While pumping gas my husband, Steve, noticed a middle-aged man filling milk jugs with water from an outside tap. “Can I help you? he inquired. The man shook his head no as his eyes remained on his task. Upon finishing he began walking down the street instead of to a vehicle. Steve soon caught up with him and offered him a ride. Hopping in the man offered an explanation, “I lost my job and can’t find work. We have no utilities. This is how we drink and flush the toilet.” This incident heightened our awareness to the hardships in our community. It and a spiraling economy moved us to establish Word in Action Ministries based on James 1:22 “Be ye doers of the Word.”

With God as our guide and sole provider we began our Community Dinner feeding free meals Mon.-Fri. so all could stretch dollars to catch up on utilities, back child support, medical expenses, fines, or car repair. My family and another fed 20 meals per night in the beginning. Now 300 volunteers prepare over 5,000 meals a month. Housing homeless,finding jobs, helping with utilities have been added, and we’re still expanding. All of this has been done miraculously without any government grants.

Miracles have touched lives. Excited pastors share how congregants eagerly open their Bibles and serve others more often. According to a nurse, a dialysis patient was sent to their unit dieing of malnutrition, heard about our delivery of meals, and within months no longer needed their services.

The miracles of food and benevolence are exciting, but the love of Jesus gives hope changing lives creating even greater miracles.
It’s amazing to watch such miracles even though I can’t see in the natural. God has equipped us and guided our every step the way Steve guides me when I don’t know where I’m going. Blindness and helping others through our ministry has given me a clearer understanding of the scripture, “walk by faith; not by sight.

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