Tomorrow is the big day, I leave for Tokyo and then head down to Misumi, close to the Hamada port in Shimane prefecture. I will live in a 3-bedroom house next to a small river. I am so excited and happy for this new endeavor. After many years of hard work practicing my Japanese at NACOS, it is all beginning to really pay-off:) Please let me know if you are ever in the region as I get more familiar with things and the area, of course I would love to show anyone around or spend time with friends of NACOS anytime.

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1 Response to Misumi

  1. YokoKelley says:

    David-san, I hope the 3-bedrooms are all tatami rooms. If the room has 6 tatamis on the floor, it is called a roku (6) jyo no ma. if there are 4 and half tatamis, it is a yo (4) jyo han (half). Remember to remove shoes when you enter the house, and watch out low-slung entrance way. People there will be very impressed with your knowledge!


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