On Friday Evening there was a state wide blackout this caused a  so much turmoil.  I was at the restaurant wondering what we would do.  I remember thinking that we use gas grills and that the food might still be coming out.  What I didn’t know was that the vents for the grills run on electricity so no food was being cooked.  People stayed in the restaurant for some time thinking that the power would come on at any moment.  I really had no idea as to what to tell my guests.  Some of my guests had children and I told them that maybe they should wait another 5 minutes and if nothing comes out they should leave.  What made the scenario even more difficult was that we had to ask people to pay for their checks and please leave.  What was even more difficult was that some guests just had appetizers and salads, they were very eager to have steaks next. To my surprise everyone took it very well.  We allowed them to reschedule their reservations and welcomed them back.  It was a long and crazy night that I will not soon forget.  After all was done I had to scramble for food.  I had nothing I could eat at home so I drove around looking for something to eat.  I found a lunch wagon that was serving food and making a killing.  It was in pearl city in the longs parking lot but security called for a tow truck.  Security said that they didn’t have a permit to be there and they would tow soon.  Where is the humanity?!  I was saying if they try to tow this truck it may start a riot.  The line was very long and I think everyone just wanted to eat something.  I think that security knew that towing them would have some major negative effect so they decided against it.  After all this craziness I finally got a hot meal and just went to a sleep.  WHAT A NIGHT!

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