My girlfriend recently went back to Japan so I have been using skype for my calls.  Last night was the first time I have ever used this program.  I must say it’s pretty amazing!  I think it’s 10 times better than a regular home phone, you have much more options during the call.  Not only do you have almost a face to face meeting but you can talk and type any message you want with no charge.  So far it’s working without a problem.  I think that if they allow a home number to use, I will cancel my home phone service and use the skype phone.  I have seen on their website that they have cell phone version which I am thinking about getting, but it seems to be only for the europeon countries.  If this is available I would suggest this to anyone reading this.  All you need is a wifi conection!  I wonder though if the wifi cards that they have like verizon and at&t if you could plug that into the forementioned phone why not just cancel your cell phone.  All calls would be free.  This something I will ponder, for those of you reading this if you have any information that could help this would be greatly appreciated.

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