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In the restaurant we have been getting more and more Japanese guests.  This makes our future outlook a little brighter.  Right now with the economy where it is, we are just worried about how this will affect not only us as a restaurant but our island home as a tourist destination.  We recently had a conversation with our owner and discussed the future of the economy and what we can expect.  The truth is no one knows!  All he said is that we are doing a very great job and that if we keep up what we are doing we’ll do just fine.  With gas prices at there highest it worries me that people (not only Americans) will taper off traveling and this will be very devastating to Hawaii’s economy.  Hawaii doesn’t import or export anything but smiles from a great experience in the islands.  Sure we do export some goods but nothing that will profoundly revive our economy.  My hopes are high that people will work hard and vacation even harder.  Peace, love and aloha from the islands

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