Osaka Japan

This i got accepted to study abroad in Osaka , Japan. I was so excited at the chance of traveling to Japan and using my Japanese skills. Many  people don’t know that i speak Japanese. So when i speak Japanese they are a little shocked, but always happy. At first Japanese always look at me in a funny way, since they are hearing Japanese coming out of my mouth. I am not your typical japanese speaker. I have bright blue eyes, light blond hair and a stature of six feet. In fact i was the only one in my entire Japanese school with these features. Sure there were other foreigners in Japan, but everyone of them in my school had brown eyes or other asian features. So the funny thing would be when we went on feild trips around Japan. I always stuck out like a sore thumb aove the crowd. One time i rememeber clearly being on a train coming from a temple and was completly exhausted. I was sitting by myself and the rest of the kids were standing. The other students woke me up and said that their were some girls talking about me. So i got up and looked across the train where two girls that must of been in highschool were chatting away about me. They even had a book out and were trying to say things i didn’t quite understand. I looked them in the eye and said “Konnichiwa,” their faces lit up like christmas trees. They began to get even redder as i asked them in Japanese several different questions such as if they spoke English. They said a little and that they wanted to learn more. I asked them what was the book the were readiing. They were a little hesitant to hand it over and i was a little embarrassed to read the sentences outloud. It was a Japanese/English book on how to pick up guys. I think your hot, what is your type? Do you want to go dancing? Why don’t you come to my house, where some of the decent sentences this book had in it. The rest of my group wanted to read the book i handed it to them and told the girls Eigo wo gambatte Kudsasai, whichs means try your best in English. They rest of my group made fun of me because this was alway the kind of attention i seemed to attract after opening up my American mouth while speaking Japanese.

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