Haiku Poem – 土曜日の朝

Saturday morning
outing somewhere special
with my son

(Rebecca Rogan)
どようび の あさ は むすこ と おでかけ び

Lately I have made a new resolution to have a Saturday morning outing somewhere special with Bali. Bali loves a place called TimeZone that has lots of different games from ping pong to basketball to shooting to car racing all in one place. I like some of the games such as air hockey and shooting the dinosaur and basketball. Other Saturdays we will go to the beach and to the zoo, and if it rains we will go and get a milkshake, bubble tea or a yoghurt or icecream together. I’ve asked Bali to make sure we try a new place each time as Sydney is bursting with a variety of take away or sit in places which is another thing I really enjoy about Sydney.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
Rebecca Rogan
Japanese by Rebecca Rogan and Nakamura Michiko
Photo by Rebecca
Australia, Sydney オーストラリア、シドニー
(編集長 美智子)

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