Haiku Poem – 猫と私

my little shadow
follows me everywhere
looking for a treat

(Jim Woodhull)
はなれない ゴロゴロ ならす カリン ちゃん

A few months ago my cat Karin has changed her behavior. She follows me around like a little puppy and she loves to stay by me and let me pet her. My wife said that when I leave the house she stays by the door and cries! She will let my wife pet her but usually ends up biting her! Maybe it is because she is a female cat that she likes to be with me!


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Jim
Honolulu, Hawaii ハワイ州オアフ島ホノルル
(編集長 美智子)

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