Haiku Poem – 新型コロナウイルス

everyone stay 2m away
social distancing

(Scott Gardner)
みな とまる かいわ の きょり は 2メートル

Hawaii was one of the last states to be hit by the corona virus. Now that it is officially here the State is moving fast to stop the spread of the virus. Fist the schools canceled events. Then spring break was extended by one week. Shopping malls and stores reduced their hours. Movie theaters and tourist attractions are closed. Now, gym, restaurants, and bars are closing. Yesterday, the Governor ordered all non-essential state employees stay home for 15 days. I was hoping I would be non-essential and get 15 days off with pay. But sadly, I am not. So while some of my friends are at home enjoying Netflixs, I will be at work. Lucky me….


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Scott Gardner
– Japanese by Scott Gardner and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Scott
Honolulu, Hawaii ハワイ州オアフ島ホノルル
スカイプでハイクポエムを作っています。(編集長 美智子)

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