Haiku Poem – 冬の虹

heaven’s bridge
crosses the Hawaiian sky
a free gift for all

(Jim Woodhull)
あめあがり にじ を わたる おくりもの

Hawaii is known as the Rainbow state since rainbows are so prevalent all year round but especially in the fall and winter. A typical fall or winter day it is normal for it to rain in the morning and evening which often results in beautiful rainbows. They occur so often that for those of us who live here it is a fairly normal occurrence. Even though it is sometimes an everyday occurrence to see rainbows, I never get tired of them.


– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Jim
Honolulu, Hawaii
ジム ウッドハルさんは船からホノルルにかかる虹を見ました。
(編集長 美智子)

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