Haiku Poem – イースター

Easter Sunday
running everywhere
eggs discovered

(Olivia version)
イースター にわ で こども が はしってる

(Michiko version)
イースター たまご さがして かけまわる

Easter was on 21 April. Andrew, the kids, and I went over to my sister’s to celebrate there. She lives about 15 minutes from my house so it was a short drive. The kids were really excited to go. They played with their cousins and ate a lot of food. The kids liked the deserts in particular. They were so many deserts and all were delicious. After dinner, everyone went outside to do the Easter egg hunt. The kids waited inside while the adults hid the eggs. Once the eggs were all hidden, all the kids ran outside to find them. They had a blast searching for the eggs. Overall, it was a good very enjoyable day.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Olivia Trevino
– Japanese by Olivia Trevino and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Olivia
Texas, San Antonio
オリビア トレビノ

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