Haiku Poem – ヒューストン

drive to Houston
talk, play, and eat
fun family time

(Olivia version)
こども のせ くるま とばして ヒューストン

(Michiko version)
とくべつな かぞく の じかん ヒューストン

I drove to Houston to see my older brother and father. From San Antonio it took about 3 hours by car. It was just me and the kids. Andrew had to work so he didn’t go. My brother made a special dinner just for me. It was delicious. Then my father took my kids and me to a park where the kids ran around and played until they tired out. It was a very fun trip, but it tired me out. I was exhausted by the end and ready to come home.

Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Olivia Trevino
– Japanese by Olivia Trevino and Nakamura Michiko
オリビア トレビノ

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