Haiku Poem – 都会生活

little big city
drowning in buildings
near the seaside

(Scott version)
うみぞい の びる に おぼれる しま の まち

(Michiko version)
はまぐらし びる の たにま の とかいじん

Waikiki is a little big city on the beach. I live one block from the ocean but I cannot hear or see it. Instead all I see are buildings and hear car sounds. The noise never stops, the people, the sirens, cars, and busses. This is Waikiki’s modern voice. But late at night, if I listen carefully and close my eyes, I can still hear Waikiki’s original voice. Birds singing, trees rustling, and the waves crumbling on the seashore.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Scott Gardner
– Japanese by Scott Gardner and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Scott
Honolulu, Hawaii
スコット ガードナー

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