Haiku Poem – 風と船

winds devour me
my turn with the flu!
a calm sea

(Jim version)
まずい かぜ おだやかな うみ あめ ちくり

(Michiko version)
ふな がいど あめかぜ うけて おもてなし

こさめ の や うけて ゆうらん すべる なみ

My other job is I work on a glass bottom tour boat. My job is to do the narration along with finding turtles and in the winter season whales. This past week there was a cold front that went through the islands. The wind was a strong North West wind that along the rain made my job very difficult. The customers are always in an area that protects them from the rain but I am often in an unprotected area. The customers were very happy as they saw turtles, dolphins and whales but unfortunately I ended up getting very sick!


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Jim Woodhull
– Japanese by Jim Woodhull and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Jim

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