Haiku Poem – サンアントニオ

San Antonio
Alamo is the landmark
my home is here

(Olivia version)
ほんきょち は さんあんとにお だいとかい

わがまち は さんあんとにお だいとかい

(Michiko version)
しせき ある さんあんとにお わがや あり

ね を おろす アラモ の まち は だいとかい

San Antonio is America’s seventh largest city. Despite this, San Antonio feels like a big town instead of a city. There are lots of restaurants and parks in the city. It’s most famous landmark is the Alamo, where Texans first fought for their independence from Mexico. The weather in San Antonio can be very hot too. In a big city like New York, you can get lost. People are rude and are always in a hurry. In San Antonio, people will stop and help. They will say hello.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Olivia Trevino
– Japanese by Olivia Trevino and Nakamura Michiko
San Antonio, Texas
オリビア トレビノ

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