Haiku Poem – オーストラリアは夏

scorching sun
burning the landscape
rain brings relief

(Rebecca version)
もうしょび や こげる ちひょう は あめ を まつ

まなつび の ちひょう おんど は あめ を まつ

(Michiko version)
あまつぶ の りょう を もとめる えんてんか

Here in Queensland Australia, December , January and February is the summer season. Here in the lovely coastal strip of Queensland, during summer everybody is talking about the exceedingly hot climate brushing the sweat from their brow and looking for shade or an air conditioned area. In our spare time we very much enjoy swimming in the lakes rivers or at the ocean which is never too far away in the splendid Sunshine state of Queensland in summer.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Rebecca Rogan
– Japanese by Rebecca Rogan and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Rebecca
レベッカ ロガン

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