Haiku Poem – ヨガ

bend down breathe
supple stem twist
flex over ground

(Ben version)
まげ のばし からだ ささえて すじ ねじり

(Michiko version)
じく ひねり こきゅう かぞえる ゆか の うえ

I attended a free yoga class. The teacher said that we must focus on breathing. We were supposed to breathe in for six seconds before breathing out for six seconds during each movement. Like a reed in the wind, we had to bend forward and backwards while controlling our breath. It was good exercise. The breathing helped us to concentrate.


Collaborative Haiku Poem
– Ben Clark
– Japanese by Ben Clark and Nakamura Michiko
– Photo by Ben
Des Moines, Iowa
ベン クラーク

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